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Fixation for garden shelters

Perfect to protect from bad weather the equipment, tools,.... the garden shelter becomes a key element for gardeners and handymen.

Garden shelters have to be fixed to the ground!

The use of a concrete slab is usually used, but there are many disadvantages like the deterioration of grounds, or immobilisation of your garden shelter.

For people who want to respect the environment, reorganize their garden or move soon the drilled head anchor stake Fixtoo is ecological and economical.

  • Easy to use
  • Reusable...

  • Fixtoo will fix your garden shelter in security.

    Fixation de balançoire

    Fixation de filet de volley-ball

    Anchor stakes and fixation on

    RISS Anchor Stakes, Ground fixation system without cement, wrenching resistance, easy to install.

    3 kinds of stake corresponding to 3 kinds of use :

    • Ringed head anchor stake are mainly used for tents or big top fixation, but also for badminton net, volley net, or seesaw.
    • Drilled head anchor stake (use a compatible screw with a M8 x lg25mm thread) enable a ground fixation system without cement, neither chemical seal for roadsigns and markings.
    • Looped head anchor stake used for the fixation of tarpaulin, tarp, winter tarp, shrubs guying...

    A patented fixation system

    Wrenching resistance, the FIXTOO anchor stakes are a solution for a fast and lasting ground fixation which cause no ground deterioration after use. They are easy to stock and reusable.

    Easy to use

    The Fixtoo anchor stakes can be installed and uninstalled without effort. Just use the FIXTOO products with the electro-pneumatic hammer and the magnetic nutsetter/adaptator SDS+.
    They can also be screwed on the ground with a socket wrench, or a screw gun. They are used on lawn grasses and stabilized field. (except for the sand). They are completely screwed on the ground and their correct use is proof of safety.

    The anchor stakes (Lg 300 et 400 mm) are made in France in RISS factories.